Pentagon is ready to provide more military assistance to Kiev

29.05.2020, Washington.

The United States Department of Defense confirmed its readiness to Congress to provide Ukraine with additional weapons worth $125 million, CNN reports citing its own sources in the Pentagon on May 28.

According to the US military, Kiev demonstrates progress in the fight against corruption and increasing the transparency of the management system. According to the law, these are key factors for the Congress to allocate Ukraine the next tranche of the previously approved aid package worth $250 million.

In the near future, Kiev may receive mobile radar systems, ambulances, cryptography equipment and two patrol boats at its disposal.

In March, CNN reported that the United States Department of Defense is ready to transfer gunboats and patrol boats and radars for counter-battery fire to Ukraine valued at $125 million.

Many European politicians have opposed the supply of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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