Latvian police prepare to detentions on May 9

05.05.2020, Riga.

The municipal police of Riga are preparing to prevent any events that may take place on May 9 in the Victory Park, the acting executive director of Riga Iveta Zalpētere said on May 5 in an interview to the Latvian radio.

According to Zalpētere, the security services have informed the authorities that unsanctioned events on the Victory Day and provocations in response to them are being prepared.

In April, the leader of the organization Vadim Barannik said that the May 9 event in Riga cannot take place this year because of the restrictions. He also noted that Latvians will nevertheless come to the Victory Memorial to honor the heroes, although they will follow all the necessary precautions.

On March 16, nationalists hold a yearly march in Riga to honor the members of the Latvian Waffen SS legion. This year, the march in Latvia was also cancelled because of the quarantine.

Despite the restrictions, the members of the Latvian National Block continued to actively urge people to come to the Freedom Memorial to commemorate the fascists’ accomplices. In this case, the authorities of Riga did not mobilize the municipal police, and no one stopped the laying of the flowers.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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