Storm in Chernobyl fans fires near radioactive waste

16.04.2020, Pripyat.

The wind contributes to the new strengthening of the fire in the Chernobyl zone, the member of the public council in the Ukrainian State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management Yaroslav Emelyanenko said on Facebook on April 16.

Yemelyanenko wrote in his account in the social network: “Fires in the Chernobyl zone recommence. Sandstorm on April 16 blows hotbeds of smoldering up to open fire in many places“.

He reported that new fires have appeared in the biosphere reserve. Yemelyanenko added: “I really hope that this time there will be an immediate reaction of the State, without delay. Even more so as budgets for extinguishing are allocated“.

Earlier Yemelyanenko wrote that there is a critical situation. The fires in the exclusion zone in Chernobyl approached to the distance of 2 km away from the storage facilities with highly radioactive waste.

Yemelyanenko reports: “The situation is critical. The zone is blazing. Local authorities report that everything is under control, but in fact, the fire is rapidly taking over new territories“.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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