Berlusconi thanks Russia for aid to Italy

28.03.2020, Rome.

Former Italian Prime Minister, Deputy of the European Parliament, Silvio Berlusconi sent a letter to Vladimir Putin with gratitude for the aid to Italy in fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, TASS reports on March 28.

According to the politician’s official representatives, the letter contains words of gratitude personally to Vladimir Putin as well as to the Russian people. Berlusconi considers the Russian aid in this situation as a sacrifice for the sake of friendship and love to Italy and to the Italian people.

In March 2020, Russia sent 100 virologists and epidemiologists, 8 medical teams and diagnostic and disinfection equipment to help Italy in fighting the Covid-19.

At the present, Italy holds the first place in the world in terms of the mortality from the Covid-19. In this country, the coronavirus resulted in more than 9000 deaths. Until recently, Italy was also leading in the numbers of infected people, however the USA became the first on March 27.

Nowadays, Italy has approximately 87 000 people affected by the coronavirus, of whom nearly 11 000 have recovered.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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