Kurginyan: Zelensky is the same Poroshenko, but in a different projection

28.04.2019, Moscow.

Vladimir Zelensky’s election as president of Ukraine will not change this country’s policy towards Russia and the people of Donbass, said Sergey Kurginyan, a political scientist and the leader of the “Essence of Time” movement on April 26 on the Channel One “Time will tell” program.

The political scientist noted that if Vladimir Zelensky really wanted to take any steps towards a peaceful settlement in Donbass, he would not say that there would be no federalization, he would not demand the return of Crimea, and he would not demand compensation.

Vladimir Zelensky ended up using this rhetoric, and this, according to Kurginyan, means that Ukraine’s course will change neither in domestic nor in foreign policy.

The leader of “The Essence of Time” noted that Ukraine still sabotages the Minsk agreements, which means that it will act by brute force in relation to Donetsk and Lugansk. The new Ukrainian president will not try to implement a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

Earlier, Vladimir Zelensky said that Crimea and Donbass are Russian-occupied territories. He also said that when meeting with the Russian president, he will ask Putin about compensation for the Russian presence in Crimea.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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