Zakharova: West must urge Ukraine to stop provocations

26.11.2018, Moscow.

The Spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, speaking on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel on November 26, urged her Western colleagues to send a message to Ukraine to stop its provocative actions.

Zakharova addressed her “Western colleagues who patronize the Kiev regime,” and she said that they must “send an urgent message to their protégées to stop their provocative actions.”

On November 25, three Ukrainian navy ships crossed the sea border of the Russian Federation, ignoring the orders of the Border Guard Service. The ships kept moving until the Border Guard servicemen forced them to stop.

On November 26, Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko called upon the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parliament) to invoke martial law in the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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