Syria: Terrorists shell residential area of Deraa

03.07.2018, Deraa.

As a result of the shelling of the residential area in the city of Deraa in southwestern Syria one civilian was injured and infrastructure was damaged in the area of Al Kashif Ash Sharqi, informs a Rossa Primavera news agency source in Syria.

The terrorist groups stationed at the approaches to Deraa and partly inside the city. The militants also shelled al-Balad district and the village of al-Naimah, which is 3 kilometers from Deraa. The terrorists’ target was the infrastructure facilities and the residential area.

In the east of Deraa in the area of Busra al-Sham the terrorists handed over the heavy weaponry to the anti-government forces of FSA (Free Syrian Army), taking advantage of the agreement on exterior truce in the town.

On June 1, the Syrian government forces liberated 70 towns in the south-east of Syria in the area of the city of Deraa. The forces approached the border with Jordan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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