Roma camp attacked in Lvov, Council of Europe horrified

24.06.2018, Lvov.

A Roma camp was attacked in the outskirts of Lvov, according to the Direction of Lvov region national police, MK.RU reports on June 24.

Yesterday in the evening unidentified persons attacked a Roma camp in the outskirts of Lvov. A Roma man was killed and four others were injured, police representatives informed. The police have detained seven suspects.

Daniel Holtgen, Council of Europe’s Secretary General’s Spokesperson, commented on the attack on his Twitter page. “We are horrified this time one person was killed,” he wrote and urged for a full and transparent investigation.

This might never happen, though. C14 militants (part of the Right Sector, a Neo-Nazi organization banned in Russia) burned a Roma camp in Ukraine’s capital Kiev on April 22. No one was killed on that day. The militants openly published a report about this attack on their Facebook page, but the police never investigated the crime. The coordinator of the Neo-Nazi organization promised to continue the attacks against Roma people.

Following the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014, the nationalist ideology based on the ideas of Nazi Germany under the Third Reich prevailed in the country. It postulates that Ukraine must become a nation state with the Ukrainian nation as a superior one to other peoples living on its territory. As a result, many hate crimes have been committed on the basis of national origin.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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