Ukrainian ex-MP urges to kick “Moscow-mouthed” Ukrainians in the jaw

23.06.2018, Kiev.

The Donbass conflict would have ended in Kiev’s victory if only Ukrainians hit the Russian-speaking fellow citizens in the jaw, an ex-MP from the radical nationalistic Svoboda (Freedom) parliament group Irina Farion believes, RIA Novosti news agency reports on June 23.

The nationalist and fighter for the purity of the Ukrainian “mova” (Ukrainian for language) commented on a conflict, which occurred for language-based reasons in Mariupol.

“If Ukrainians had just kicked the ‘Moscow-mouthed’ in the jaw, the war would have been won long time ago. But for now, our people are being beaten. But it is WE who should strike with force,” Farion wrote in her Facebook page.

The Mariupol brawl occurred in RedCups RDCP Lounge café on the evening of June 17. It began after one of the café visitors, a border guard officer, demanded a  menu in Ukrainian. As other visitors witness, the officer came to the café with a group while being already drunk. After it turned out that there is no menu in Ukrainian in the café, the group started to behave provocatively. In the brawl with the guards, a State Border Guard Service of Ukraine lieutenant colonel got his jaw broken. The incident gave rise to another burst of Internet discussions regarding the Russian and Ukrainian languages relations issues in Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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