President Putin: We will stay in Syria as long as it is in Russian interests

07.06.2018, Moscow.

Russian military forward operating sites (FOS) in Syria are there in conformity with agreement with the Syrian government to protect Russian interests in this vitally important region, the FOS will be there while it is in Russian interests and while it is in compliance with international law, said Vladimir Putin on June the 7th during his annual direct line answering the question on the terms of withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Syria, Rossa Primavera News Agency reports.

Putin noted that he does not call our FOS (in Tartus and Khmeimim) “bases”. “We are not building long-term fortifications there, if necessary we can quite quickly and without any material losses withdraw all our forces,” said Putin.

But now our forces are needed in Syria, they “are solving important tasks, including protecting national security in this region as well as protecting Russian economic interests. Putin noted that it is an “important, honorable mission, aimed at protection of interests of Russia and our citizens”.

Russian armed forces are deployed in Syria since 2015 by an official invitation of the Syrian government and help to fight ISIL (organization banned in Russia) and other terrorist organizations

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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