Putin answers question about World War III

07.06.2018, Moscow.

Understanding the fact that a third world war will mean the end of the civilization is what keeps countries from violent moves on the international arena, the President of Russia said on June 7 at the live phone-in answering the question whether World War III will happen.

The Russian leader reminded that the world has been living in a relative global peace since World War II, because “a strategic parity was established between the major military powers.” Putin believes that the fear of mutual extermination has been the reason why the major military powers have to show mutual respect.

The President of Russia stressed that Washington’s withdrawal from the ABM Treaty was an attempt to destroy the global strategic parity. Russia is responding to these attempts by developing an up-to-date weapons system, which is intended to maintain stability in the relations between the leading military powers.

Putin urged the international community to resolve global problems at the negotiation table, including through the development of adequate measures to ensure international European security.

On March 1, 2018 the President of Russia gave an address to the Federal Assembly, in which he spoke about unique strategic weapons developed in Russia. In particular, the Russian army has put into service the Kinzhal complex with missiles capable of reaching Mach 10 velocity. Also, the President spoke about the successful development of a new intercontinental cruise missile with a nuclear engine.

The nuclear engine allows the missile to travel with a very high speed with virtually no time limitation, making it almost invulnerable. Since 2010 Russia has been developing a nuclear engine for space rockets; however, nothing was known until recently about any projects of an atmospheric nuclear-powered missile.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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