Kurginyan: The West’s motive with the Skripal case is to discredit Russia

20.04.2018, Moscow.

Those who poisoned Skripal had a motive of discrediting Russia, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on the Time Will Show TV program at Channel One.

“When a security service needs to eliminate a traitor, it will do so silently, calmly, without any consequences at all. It will be reported as “heart failure” or something like that. And everyone understands this, British security services as well as US and Russian ones. Therefore, our security services do not and cannot have a motive to kill Skripal in a way that he does not wind up dead, as we can see now, but a great scandal arises instead, and evidence is left. [This is clear] to any sober-minded person. In contrast, those who want to use it to discredit us do have such a motive,” the political scientist said.

Security services have a wide range of means to “quietly” eliminate unwanted persons: traitors, defectors, and other dangerous persons. Using a military-grade chemical weapon for this runs contrary to the essence of secret operations, Kurginyan stressed. “First of all, security services have a great variety of ways to eliminate persons they believe or perceive to be traitors. Or anyone else. In this range of options, the use of chemical warfare agents is a counterintuitive one, which is comparable to using radioactive polonium. This is essentially total lunacy,” the political scientist explained.

“Absolutely all kinds of substances are available to everyone. They can’t tell us stories that they do not have novichok; they do have everything! We live in a modern 21st century society. Any substance can be readily synthetized. Therefore, the speculation that it is only us who have a motive and the technical possibility to do it, etc. reveals a remarkable bias in everything that is happening, and an absolute lack of impartiality,” Kurginyan shared his thoughts.

According to new rules introduced by the West, Russians will always be guilty, and no evidence will ever be required, the political scientist believes. “The essence of the rules is that this is an alien system, which will be watching you as you are saying, ‘We will present overwhelming evidence.’ No one will be overwhelmed; they will say, ‘So what? You are guilty anyway! Leave this casuistry aside.’ This system does not work in terms of objective investigation of anything,” the leader of Essence of Time concluded.

The “presumption of guilt” principle for Russia has been actively introduced in the public opinion over a long period time. The West has blamed: the poisoning of Colonel Litvinenko with polonium in London, the Malaysian Boeing shot down over Ukraine, the alleged Russian interference with the US election in 2016, the poisoning of the Skripals, the mysterious death of ex-Minister Lesin, and many other things on Russia without providing any real evidence.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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