Torchlight procession with anti-Polish slogans held in Lvov

06.03.2018, Lvov.

Ukrainian ultranationalist radicals held a torchlight procession with anti-Polish slogans in the city of Lvov on March 4, a local outlet,, reports.

According to local media, the torchlight procession in the center of Lvov was held under nationalist and anti-Polish slogans. This is how the Ukrainian ultra-radical nationalist organizations celebrated the anniversary of the death of an accomplice to the German Nazi army, the Commander-In-Chief of the UPA (organization banned in Russia), Roman Shukhevich.

The majority of the procession’s participants, according to media reports, were activists of organizations like Svoboda (organization banned in Russia), The Right Sector (organization banned in Russia), and other ultra-right organizations.

Anti-Polish slogans were often chanted as the procession went along the streets. According to one of the procession organizers, they deliberately chose such slogans in order to show the Polish leadership that “Lvov is a Bandera city.”

On March 1, a law came into force in Poland, which criminalizes the Bandera ideology. The promotion of the ideas of Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevich, Dmitry Dontsov, and other radical nationalist ideologists of Ukrainism is now punished by a criminal sentence.

Polish border authorities have already said that any Ukrainian nationals entering Poland can be subject to a special interview to find out their attitude to the Bandera ideology and the UPA structures (organization banned in Russia), which is recognized as a criminal organization in Poland.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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