Kurginyan: Putin’s address is a claim to change the world order

03.03.2018, Moscow.

The leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist Sergey Kurginyan spoke in the Time Will Tell television program about the unprecedented nature of Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly.

According to Kurginyan, this address was the most powerful to date “It is unprecedented. … This is a mobilizing address; it is not a flexible adapting, but it is rather a change of eras, a decision to play our own game, without bluffing, by our own rules. This is the harmonization of two sectors: the economy and the military sector.”

The political scientist stressed the compositional structure of the address. “This is what is called an address to the city and the world. So, the most interesting thing in the entire address is that it had two parts; after the first part, no one expected the second one, it was a sort of a symphonic composition. No one could ever expect that kind of second part.”

Sergey Kurginyan emphasized that in his address, Putin for the first time announced a  strategy of breakthrough. “As soon as in the first part, a few words were said that had never been said before: strategy of breakthrough , ensuring modern way of life, and so on… This means, a response was given to [accusations like] ‘you will all be poor and barefoot, but with nuclear weapons.’ The answer was, we will not be poor and barefoot; we will ensure a balanced development of the peaceful and the military sectors. ‘A strategy of breakthrough’, this is what was said for the first time.”

 “I believe that his [Putin’s] inner, spiritual mode is absolutely messianic. He says he will drive the country to conditions which will rearrange the whole world order. Because, if Russia successfully reaches such an improvement of living standards combined with self-defense, then it will be another world. A world free from hegemony [of the US],” the political scientist emphasized.

On March 1, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, gave his annual address to the Federal Assembly. The address was almost two hours long, and it consisted of two parts; in the first part, the President spoke about achievements and problems in the country’s economy, and he stated strategic goals for the future. In the second part, Vladimir Putin spoke about the country’s achievements in the development of new weapons. In particular, the President said that the Russian army has adopted Kinzhal [dagger – translator’s note] hypersonic missiles with a velocity of up to Mach 10.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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