"Breakthrough" is the key word in Putin's Presidential Address

02.03.2018, Moscow.

The key word in the economic part of the President’s speech is the word “breakthrough”, the Vice-president of the Experimental Creative Center (the Kurginyan Center), Yury Byaly said to a Rossa Primavera correspondent on March 1st, commenting on Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly.

In the economic part of the President’s speech, the key word, in my opinion, is breakthrough‘. It is very important to stress that Putin pointed out very ambitious and concrete levels of development in very main areas and directions of the breakthrough. It is important to understand that each of these levels is a figure of responsibility set by the President for himself and for the team he will pull together for such a breakthrough“, Yury Byaly said.

The analyst stressed that raising the bar high is necessary in order to overcome the period of crisis in development: “It was no coincidence that the President mentioned the previous ‘May Decrees’ and admitted that, in spite of their incomplete fulfillment, only their ambitious nature allowed  to overcome the negative inertia of the previous crisis“.

In Byaly’s opinion, the ambitious tasks outlined by the President in the economic part of his speech, are supported by the achieved successes announced in the military part of the speech.

And it is no coincidence that declaring new levels of tasks, Putin mentioned that   ‘these are tasks for a new government. The new tasks are really very ambitious. Take, for example, the objectives and investments in infrastructure development. The implementation of these tasks will demand both the faith in its feasibility, and new people, who ‘will want and will be able’ to implement these tasks. Much work to accomplish all of this is also required. I have to admit, if there was no second, military part of the speech, many people would have hardly believed in the real attainability of these tasks. The second part of the speech, in my opinion, will make many people in the society and the elite to believe in this. Both the first and the second part of the Presidential Address inspire me with certain optimistic hopes”, Yury Byaly concluded.

For the first time Vladimir Putin talked about the need to ensure “a breakthrough in the country’s development” and to “cleanse” everything that could prevent it during a meeting with his presidential staff headquarters on January 30, 2018.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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