Ukrainian army to replace “Good morning, sir!” with a nationalists’ salute

08.02.2018, Kiev.

The Ukrainian servicemen will be left without the salute “Good morning, sir!”, reported on February 7.

The Ukrainian government submitted a bill No. 7549 to the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) to replace the salute “Good morning, sir!” with “Glory to Ukraine! ― Glory to Heroes!”.

 “In response to a salute ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ made by a commander or a superior officer, all servicemen, both in the ranks or out of the ranks, must say ‘Glory to Heroes!’. When a commander of a superior officer leaves, to his words ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ servicemen must reply ‘Glory to Heroes!’,” the documents says. Appropriate amendments to the Drill Statute are to be made.

After the coup d’etat of 2014, the new Ukrainian authorities seek to break any relations with Russia: political, economic, cultural, or social. The Ukrainian Armed Forces descended from the Armed Forces of the USSR, from which they inherited Statutes and other military organization items, including the salute “Good morning, sir!” (Ukrainian: Бажаю здоров’я!) and the address “comrade” to servicemen. Now they are being replaced with nationalist ones.

The salute “Glory to Ukraine! ― Glory to Heroes!” with right hand up was used by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) (organization banned in Russia) modeled after the Nazi salute of the fascist parties in Hitler’s Germany. Also, these kinds of salutes were used in Mussolini’s Italy and by Croatian Ustashes. The OUN (organization banned in Russia) approved the salute at its second Congress in Rome in August 1939.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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