Kurginyan: Nazi stormtroopers are the Kiev authorities’ only resource

01.02.2018, Moscow.

The Ukrainian political process is bringing new Nazi stormtroopers to power, Essence of Time movement leader Sergey Kurginyan said on January 30 during the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV show on the Russia-1 channel.

During the discussion of the “National Militia” march in Kiev, Sergey Kurginyan said:

 “…the Ukrainian authorities have no resource other than the right-wing radicals. This is the only resource they have. Therefore, in my opinion, a parallel with Röhm and the stormtroopers is certainly closer than with the Hitlerjugend, because these are big thugs, not kids, not boy scouts, but something different.”

Arguing that the ideologically “sterile” Ukrainian authorities, which are not currently under Nazi control, will to surrender their positions to Nazis, he added:

 “…they have no way out of the clutches of these stormtroopers. Of course, the police are stronger, and they have an army, but all this is, so to say, sterile, while there is only one radical ideologically charged factor, the Nazi one. They are going to Nazify the ideology, they are going to Nazify the personnel. They have no other move to make, and they cannot suppress this.”

At the same time, Sergey Kurginyan pointed out the main difference between the German Nazification in 1930s and the Ukrainian Nazification today:

 “This is an inevitable transition to a Nazism other than Hitler’s, a more terrible one. Had Strasser become the German Fuhrer, it would have been even worse than with Hitler, right? Those would be unrestrained stormtroopers. There, the stormtroopers were restrained by the army, police, Gestapo, etc. Here, they remain unrestrained. There, there was an economy: mines, etc. Here, there is none. This is a grossly anti-economic, anti-social kind of a Nazism, and it can only move to its extreme; it cannot be returned to the center. This process is going to shift there; whether it will do so quickly or slowly is another matter. The economic crisis is a factor as well. Hitler’s Nazism is horrible, but there are things which are even worse: the sorts of Nazism that emerge in socially troubled countries unable to stabilize.”

According to Kurginyan, the Kiev authorities cannot escape Nazification:

 “… everyone understands that the Brown Plague is gathering in the middle of Europe, and it cannot help but gather, because they are thieves, because they cannot establish even the kind of order Hitler did, because they can only live in aggression and hatred, and because, as they fail, they have to report to their masters. Therefore, they have to Nazify more and more…”

In early 2014, anti-Russian and anti-democratic forces, which opposed the legitimately elected Ukrainian President Yanukovich, came to power in Ukraine as a result of an unconstitutional coup d’etat. They adopted a strongly discriminatory position toward the Russian part of Ukraine’s population.

As a consequence, the Republic of Crimea seceded from Ukraine and rejoined Russia; also, a rebellion against the anti-constitutional coup d’etat took place in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, which resulted in the formation of the Donetsk and the Lugansk People’s Republics.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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