Syrian Foreign Ministry rejects US dollars "stained" with the blood of the Syrians

18.01.2018, Damascus.

Syria does not need the US assistance to recover the post-war country. On January 18, the Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in response to a speech by the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, Syrian Arab News Agency SANA reports.

The government of Syria does not need a single dollar from the US for the country reconstruction since every US dollar is stained with the blood of Syrians … US policy causes only destruction and suffering,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry accused the US of supporting and defending Islamists, the ex-President Barack Obama and his administration – in creating ISIL (organization banned in Russia).

The Syrian Foreign Ministry emphasized that the US military’s presence in Syria is illegitimate, it keeps interference in the country affairs: “Internal affairs of any country in the world are the exclusive right of the people of this country, so no one has the right to express their opinion on this matter, as it violates international law and contradicts the most important theories of constitutional law“.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry stated that the Syrian authorities will continue their fight “until every inch of Syrian land is cleansed from the atrocity of terrorism” and “illegitimate foreign presence”, which are the coalition forces led by the United States.

Earlier, in his speech at Stanford University in California, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson laid out five US goals in Syria: the defeat of ISIL (organization banned in Russia), curbing Iran’s influence in the region, the return of refugees, the complete elimination of weapons of mass destruction, and the settlement of the conflict within the framework of the Geneva Process. According to Tillerson, the departure of Bashar Assad from the presidential post of the Syrian Arab Republic is a condition for long-term stability in the country. Tillerson further said that Russia should put pressure upon the Syrian president to leave office alongside the US and EU, both of whom would not take part in the restoration of Syria while President Assad is in power.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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