National Interest: China's President directly challenges the United States

17.01.2018, Washington.

On January 15, in The National Interest, an American international affairs magazine, Jonathan Ward, an expert specializing in China, said that the United States must acknowledge China as the first superpower, which challenges the US since the USSR.

According to the expert, the subtext of the New Year’s speech of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who defined China’s new position in the world and announced the country’s global ambitions, is a direct challenge to the United States.

Ward argues that this is also indicated by the new Chinese communication strategy formulated in 2017, when at the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos Xi called China a defender of “economic globalization“.

The expert also pointed to the statements of the Chinese leader at the XIX Chinese Communist Party Congress, where Xi addressed “the invincible force of more than 1.3 billion people“, with the support of whom China obtained an “infinitely vast stage of our era, a historical heritage of unmatched depth, and incomparable resolve”.

The expert believes that rather than Deng Xiaoping with his axiom “hide your capabilities and bide your time” or Hu Jintao with his “peaceful rise of China,” we now have a Chinese leader who is ready to proclaim the true ambitions of his country to the world.

These true ambitions are confirmed by various Xi’s statements, in which he declared that the Communist Party has brought China to a “leading position in terms of economic and technological strength, defense capabilities, and composite national strength“. Along with this, “Xi emphasizes economic… power”, and the build-up of armed forces, which will be capable to “fight and win“.

The XIX National Congress of the Communist Party of China took place between 18 and 24 October 2017 in Beijing. The Congress included Xi Jinping’s name into the Chinese Communist Party Charter, alongside such leaders as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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