Political scientist: Polish-Ukrainian dialog will continue to deteriorate

17.12.2017, Ukraine.

The director of the Third Sector think tank Andrey Zolotaryov called the situation in Polish-Ukrainian relations a “temporary lull”, after Polish President Andrzej Duda had visited Ukraine, RIA Novosti Ukraine reported on December 17.

The expert believes that the reason for the aggravation of the relations between the two counties lies in the “nationalistic trend of the domestic policy”. Zolotaryov separately noted that Ukrainian authorities have taken “ethnic nationalism” as the basis of the ideology, which runs counter to the values adopted in the European Union.

On December 15 Polish President’s press-secretary Krzysztof Lapinsky announced “easing of tensions” in the relations between the two countries after the meeting of Polish and Ukrainian presidents in Kharkov.

A political scientist and the director of the Ukrainian politics foundation Kost’ Bondarenko characterized the situation in Polish-Ukrainian relations as “a conversation between the blind and the deaf”. The rhetoric of Warsaw remains within the “policy of the historical memory”.

Bondarenko also noted the crisis in the historical science discourse, which comes down to the question, “Are you for Bandera or against?

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency


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