Ex Deputy Chairman of Bulgarian Socialist Party: It is time for Russians to stop repenting

15.11.2017, Russia.

The endless repentance of Russians for repressions, and ignoring the USSR’s great victories are incompatible with Russia’s development, and they are having a large impact on what is happening in Bulgaria and in the EU, the former Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Krasimir Andreev Premyanov said on November 5 at an open meeting of the Sofia Club, a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera Information Agency reports.

Krasimir Premyanov thanked the organizers for setting up the Sofia Club conference on the eve of November 7. He expressed confidence that it is time to give an open and honest evaluation to the historical events and to stop repenting for our common history, for the great deeds of our fathers and grandfathers. We should acknowledge that the October Revolution was a great event which determined the history of the 20th century.

The Bulgarian politician spent many years living in Russia; he studied in Moscow, and he talked with many politicians, students, and schoolchildren. He believes that there is no other nation that “slings so much mud at itself”. “And this shapes what is happening in our country to a large extent,” Krasimir added.

 “All of us in Europe owe a great debt to Russia,” the Bulgarian socialist said; he added, however, that there are few people in the EU who, as Tatjana Ždanoka does, support Russia going against the opinion of a large majority of the EU Parliament members. But who are those EU Parliament members? Most of the EU Parliament members fail to advocate the interests of their peoples; instead, they support the position of big powers.

He remembers how during the Perestroika and in the post-Soviet times, certain people in Russia tried to prove that the USSR did not defeat Nazism, that it was not building a new society, that it did not reach space, and that all it did was repress people. Indeed, this is a sad chapter of our history; however, if we take a look at the French Revolution we will see that there were atrocious repressions, too. The repressions in the USSR were not unique.

“Recently, again you opened a memorial for the victims of repression. But you cannot move forward with it,” Krasimir said. He believes that this will project the guilt complex onto the next generation, which is incompatible with development. A whole new generation has emerged after the Perestroika, which lives according to different views.

He cited a conversation he had with a young man in Russia. Responding to the words “You have done well for mobilizing!” he said, “What do we need that Crimea for? I want to live free”. Heaven forbids that a majority becomes like him.

The Bulgarian politician called to fight for the new generation.

On November 5, an open meeting of the Sofia Club was held in Moscow. The topic of the meeting was “Left alternatives for Europe”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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