Syrian refugees in al-Tanf are deprived of humanitarian aid by fault of the US military

03.11.2017, Russia.

Syrian refugees in the area of al-Tanf are deprived of humanitarian aid because of hurdles by the American military forces, the Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria informs on November 3.

A press release by the Centre states that tens of thousands of refugees in the area of al-Tanf cannot receive the necessary humanitarian assistance because of the US military threats to destroy any transport approaching the military base.

The most severe humanitarian situation remains in the al-Tanf region., Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees from the al-Rukban refugee camp, located nearby a US military base, are deprived of humanitarian assistance because the United States has illegally placed its military base there and forbids approaching it within 55 kilometers (35 miles) under the threat of death,” the press release stresses.

The Reconciliation Center informs that, according to witnesses, the humanitarian situation in the area of the illegally deployed US military base remains extremely difficult.

The Center’s statement reads, “According to Syrians, a new camp was deployed by American advisers recently near al-Rukban, where militant gangs from Eastern Qalamoun, Umm Al-Qaryatayn district, and the Syrian Desert gather.”

Repeatedly Russia has strongly criticized American military actions in the area of al-Tanf. For example, a month ago, Major General Igor Konashenkov, an official spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, described the US military base in the area as a “black hole”, and  added that 60,000 refugees living in the al-Rukban desert camp, where the United States does not allow humanitarian convoys, are being used as a “human shield“ for the US base. Konashenkov also recalled that such tactics are used primarily by terrorists.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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