Venezuelan National Assembly Deputy: US aims to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution

29.08.2017, Venezuela.

The United States pursues two aims with its sanctions against Venezuela: seizure of the country’s natural resources and defeating the Bolivarian Revolution, Tania Diaz, the deputy of the National Assembly, said on August 28, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

According to Tania Diaz, the current US president Donald Trump, just like Barak Obama, considers Venezuela to be a threat to the US’ national interests. That is why on August 25 he imposed a new set of sanctions prohibiting US’ companies from making long-term financial deals with the Venezuelan government and state gas and oil sector.

The Bolivarian Revolution is a large-scale social and political movement in Venezuela, created by Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, aiming to replace capitalism with “the 21st century socialism” with its philosophy based on understanding the Gospels in the spirit of liberation theology.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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