Media: Victory by the Venezuelan opposition would lead to a fierce dictatorship

28.06.2017, Venezuela.

If the right-wing opposition wins, Venezuela will face the fiercest dictatorship in the Latin America, journalist Napoleon Suarez said on June 28 at a conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, the portal reports.

“We young people are responsible for preventing the right-wing from coming to power as they are going to establish the fiercest dictatorship Latin America has ever seen,” Suarez said. Suarez is a member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Spanish: Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) founded by Hugo Chávez.

Suarez is outraged with the bias in the mainstream media’s reporting on the events in Venezuela; however, he urges Venezuelan socialists to be self-critical; he says that no adequate measures had been developed to give an adequate response to the “systemic warfare” being waged against Venezuela. “We need new leaders of the people, who are already in politics and who are making politics,” Suarez said.

“We should indeed give power to the people, because Venezuela has a political conscience,” the journalist said.

On the night of June 27th to the 28th in Caracas, a police helicopter attacked the buildings of the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then it flew away. A group of security officials lead by Officer Oscar Perez, who hijacked the helicopter, announced a revolt against the “transient criminal government”. President Nicolás Maduro classified the event as a terrorist attack; he pulled military vehicles into the capital, and he ordered to place the Venezuelan Air Force and Air Defense on high alert.

In early April, active street protest began in Venezuela, which escalated into clashes with the police. The protests were triggered by a decision of the Supreme Court to limit the power of the opposition-dominated Parliament. President Maduro said that the real goal of the opposition was to open access to the country’s natural resources for transnational companies; he demanded that the US  stop supporting the opposition. The street clashes left 60 people dead and over 1,300 injured.


It is extremely important that in his statement made in this critical situation Suarez appeals to the Venezuelan civil society, in particular to the youth. To some extent, Hugo Chávez pulled the country out from a situation when an absolute minority lived lavishly using oil money while an absolute majority lived in poverty. Part of the youth received housing, employment, and thus the right to a future. This is the real social support base of the “chavists”; in contrast, the right-wing activists have never shared anything with the people, nor will they if they manage to defeat President Maduro. What the “chavists” urgently need to do is to expose the manipulation of public opinion by the pro-American opposition as part of this plan. Taking the lead in the information war, along with the commitment demonstrated by Maduro when he used tanks in the streets of Caracas, is where their real chance lies.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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