Media: Victory by the Venezuelan opposition would lead to a fierce dictatorship

“We young people are responsible for preventing the right-wing from coming to power as they are going to establish the fiercest dictatorship Latin America has ever seen,” Suarez said. Suarez is a member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Spanish: Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) founded by Hugo Chávez.

It is extremely important that in his statement made in this critical situation Suarez appeals to the Venezuelan civil society, in particular to the youth. To some extent, Hugo Chávez pulled the country out from a situation when an absolute minority lived lavishly using oil money while an absolute majority lived in poverty. Part of the youth received housing, employment, and thus the right to a future. This is the real social support base of the “chavists”; in contrast, the right-wing activists have never shared anything with the people, nor will they if they manage to defeat President Maduro. What the “chavists” urgently need to do is to expose the manipulation of public opinion by the pro-American opposition as part of this plan. Taking the lead in the information war, along with the commitment demonstrated by Maduro when he used tanks in the streets of Caracas, is where their real chance lies.

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Attacks on Venezuelan government buildings are part of a "coup plot"

On June 28, the Venezuelan government stated that the attacks on government buildings are part of a “coup plot”, TeleSur News Channel reports.

Accusing “extremist wings of the opposition supported by the United States” of the attacks on the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and the Supreme Court, the Venezuelan government called for citizens to stand guard of the constitutional order.

Nevertheless, this is not the first coup that the “chavistos” have experienced against themselves. In 2002, a few years after Chavez was elected president, senior military officers who opposed the new socialist government’s policies tried to overthrow Chavez. Hugo Chavez was almost forced to resign, and another president was already sworn in. However, the Socialists managed to reverse the situation. Perhaps, it was the strong support for the “chavistos” among the junior officers in the army which played the decisive role at that time.

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Security Service of Ukraine searches for methods to fight against “Russia’s informational aggression”

Security Service of Ukraine (SSU, Ukrainian: SBU) has established a special working group to develop countermeasures against “Russia’s informational aggression”, the official website of the SBU press center reported on June 27.

The group was established to discuss and analyze the proposals for countering “Russia’s aggression in the information space” received from general public, experts, mass media representatives, authorities.

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US-led coalition's airstrike killed 40 Syrian civilians

The village of al-Dablan near Al-Mayadeen town was attacked. As the result of the attack, dozens of people were wounded, and more than 40 persons were killed, mainly women and children.

According to Al Arabiya TV channel, more than 57 people including the hostages held by the terrorist were killed as a result of the US-led coalition’s carried out a missile strike against Al-Mayadeen in the Deir ez-Zor province.

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Iranian leader: The blockade of Qatar is unacceptable

Hassan Rouhani said that blockade of Qatar is not acceptable for Iran. Air, land and sea space of Iran is always open for Qatar as a neighboring fraternal state.

He also noted that Tehran stands with the people and government of Qatar. Tehran considers that in case of rising conflicts between countries of the region, pressure, threats, and sanctions is not the right way to settle down the disputes.

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President of Serbia: If Croatia has money, let them arm themselves

Serbian President Alexander Vučić, commenting on Croatian media reports on June 27 said that Croatia has the right to arm itself while Serbia’s task is to ensure the security of its own sky, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

Earlier, the Serbian president said that his country needed to have two battalions of anti-aircraft missile systems S-300. Their purchase is negotiated with Russia and Belarus. In addition to long-range air defense, Serbia has plans to purchase the Buk M3, medium-range air defense systems, in order to respond to Croatia equipping its aircraft with ballistic missiles.

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DPR: It is expected that Ukrainian reconnaissance groups to become active in the Republic

Around 5 o’clock in the morning, the enemy shelled the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. One house No. 30 on Karnavalnaya street was damaged in the village of Trudovksiye. Moreover, the Trudovskaya bus station came under shelling.

The Ukrainian army is actively using the reconnaissance drones thus grossly violating the Minsk Agreements. The DPR PM officials noted the Ukrainian army’s drones, supposedly foreign made, moving along the contact line. The drones are located near the village of Sokol that is 20 km away from the front line.

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