Tillerson: The US must pursue dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition

17.06.2017, USA.

The United States must pursue dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated while speaking before the US House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee on June 14, according to the RIA Novosti News Agency.

Tillerson added that the US also needs to promote consolidation and strengthening of the Venezuelan opposition, “to make its voice united.”  The Secretary of State noted that the US has achieved success in influencing the Venezuela government within the framework of the Organization of American States (the OAS). Tillerson believes that the Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro conducts propaganda focusing on US activities, and the United States, in this case, has “active efforts underway working with other [organizations].”

Since the beginning of April, Venezuela has been experiencing mass protests after the Supreme Court’s decision, which had imposed serious limitations on the opposition-controlled National Assembly. Subsequently, the decision was cancelled, but opposition supporters took to the streets, calling members of the court to resign, and calling for early elections, the protesters also oppose gathering the Constituent Assembly. They consider it an attempt to change constitution.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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