President Maduro: Venezuela’s rules, Constitution, and problems are not the US’ business

17.06.2017, Venezuela.

President Nicolás Maduro demanded from US Vice-President Mike Pence and the US government not to interfere with Venezuela’s internal affairs, according to the TeleSur TV-Channel on June 15.

The Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro rejected US Vice-President Mike Pence’s recent statements, when speaking in Miami, he called Venezuelan democracy into question.  Nicolás Maduro underlined, that Venezuela has “its own rules, its own Constitution, and its own problems,” part of which has been addressed, another part cannot be solved by the country at the moment, but addressing these issues is the sovereign business of Venezuela.   

The Venezuelan President claimed that the main purpose of the US imperial ambition is to return hegemony in Latin America; and for this purpose, the US government has “returned to the old ‘State coup manual’.”  Nicolás Maduro assured his citizens that this scenario will not gain success, and it will not result in a planned foreign intervention in the country.

On June 15, the US Vice-President Michael Pence condemned the “violation of democracy” and oppression of the Venezuelan “civil society”, and he called Latin American countries to join this condemnation. Michael Pence also stated that in August during his official visit, he will go to Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Panama.

Venezuela started to experience street riots in April 2017, which have become the most massive since 2014. Additionally, protesters often use terror and violence. Street riots resulted in tens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. The protesters feel free to add Maduro’s supporters and police officers to the number of casualties (who died as the result of confrontation with them, or who were shot by “unknown shooters”). Street protests killed two students on June 15.

The country also sees mass manifestations in support of President Maduro.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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