Kurginyan: Russian hackers are an excuse for the US establishment to get rid of Trump

09.06.2017, Russia.

American security services have been unable to tell who killed Kennedy for decades, but in the story of hacker attacks their spokespersons immediately find a Russian connection. The Russian connection is only an excuse for the American establishment to do away with Trump, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political analyst Sergey Kurginyan, said on June 8 at the First Studio TV show.

US intelligence services have been trying to establish relations with scientists from the mid-20th century, the political analyst continues. That was not easy, because security services and scientists have different priorities. The challenge was to establish communications while avoiding any suffocation by the system. The situation with hackers is even more complicated. A hacker who is part of the system is a hacker who “fell asleep and died”. The main goal of a hacker is wreak havoc and to find unexpected loopholes. Therefore, it is absolutely unclear how one could find a connection between hackers and the system, the security services, and election results. Also, why is this case investigated by the FBI, an organization responsible for domestic investigations? Why is it the FBI, but not the CIA or the NSA? Apparently, they are looking for something inside the country, but there is no way to find any ties. The Americans have no idea who killed Kennedy after decades, but now they immediately find a Russian connection. This means that the establishment needs the Russian connection as a way to defeat Trump. They will either finish Trump or bargain with him. Regardless, Trump lost the very moment he accepted their rules, Sergey Kurginyan believes, “He came as a player who ignored the rules, and he should have started playing without regard for the rules. Now he recruits a straight team of economists, and he behaves as one who obeys the rules. He fired his people. In my point of view, he is a goner, maybe not now, but 6 months from now”.

At the Senate hearing yesterday, the ex-director of the FBI, James Comey, said that Donald Trump’s administration defamed the FBI. Comey added that Russia undoubtedly interfered with the US elections. According to his statement, servers of the Democratic Party were hacked with the knowledge and on the instructions of the Russian authorities.

Also, the former FBI director informed the Senate in his written statement that Trump attempted to force him to stop the investigation against Michael Flynn, then President’s National Security Advisor.

Donald Trump fired James Comey on May 9 for “mismanagement” and “abuse”. The firing followed a scandal over an investigation into Donald Trump’s links with Russia, on which Comey also reported to the Congress.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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