Expert: Qatar is accused of violating the principles of Sunni solidarity

06.06.2017, Russia.

Qatar has violated the principles of Sunni solidarity, which resulted in a breach with a number of Arab countries, Middle Eastern expert Maria Podkopaeva said on June 5 in a commentary to the Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“The resolution and accord among the Arab states in their extremely negative reaction to the Qatar’s Middle East policy are quite telling. The only surprising fact about it is that this upsurge of indignation in the Arab world happened only now. Qatar’s intention to co-operate with Iran, which became the last straw for the Arab world, is not the only problem here,” the expert said.

According to Maria Podkopaeva, Qatar is opposed by countries that suffered the worst from the so-called “Arab Spring”.

“It can be observed that the indignation against Qatar today is led by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Libya. The Arab countries know very well that it was mostly Qatar’s money that funded the latest spiral of the Islamic radicalization. Essentially, it was the combination of American political concepts and Qatari finance that gave rise to what is called the ‘Arab Spring’, which led to a number of state catastrophes in the Middle East. Besides, the first and most severely affected victims were Egypt and Libya. Saudi Arabia, which has fostered Islamic mujaheddin for decades, has its own score. ISIL (organization banned in Russia), which emerged from the heat of the ‘Arab Spring’ has blatantly dismissed Saudi Arabia as the spiritual authority of jihadism, claiming it an enemy state that must be destroyed, in contempt of the Saudi’s impressive record of supporting Islamism,” the expert believes.

According to the expert, the war against ISIL (organization banned in Russia) has brought the antagonism between Shia and Sunni to its peak. In this context, Qatar’s violation of the principle of Sunni solidarity along with its actions favorable to Iran’s policy in Bahrain finally exhausted the patience of the Arab world.

“Furthermore, it is the war against ISIL (organization banned in Russia) in the Middle East that has extremely exacerbated the contradictions between the Shia and Sunni and thus brought Yemen to the verge of disappearance. Therefore, Yemen today is among Qatar’s major accusers. Thus, for a long time Qatar was consistent in its policy that forced the Arab states to make tremendous sacrifices on the altar of the Sunni solidarity. Now, Qatar itself has violated this solidarity, and it faces reasonable indignation,” the expert stressed.

The Foreign Ministries of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates almost simultaneously announced a break of diplomatic relations with Qatar because of Qatar’s interference with the domestic affairs of the region’s states and its support of terrorism and extremism, including the promotion of the terrorist and informational chaos in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Following these four countries, Yemen, Libya, and the Maldives broke their diplomatic relations with Qatar, too.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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