American philosopher: Neoliberalism is destroying democracy

06.06.2017, USA.

The elites’ wish to retain their supremacy by abandoning democracy has lead the world to the brink of disaster, stated American philosopher and publicist, Noam Chomsky on June 2 in his interview to the Open Source radio station, published in The Nation magazine.

Chomsky said that the start of the suicidal “new liberal era”, which he contrasts against the “golden age of capitalism” of 1950-es and 1960-es, can be seen in the 1970s. According to Chomsky, this new liberal era’s “crucial principle is undermining mechanisms of social solidarity and mutual support and popular engagement in determining policy”. “It’s not called that.” Chomsky stresses.  “What it’s called is “freedom,” but “freedom” means a subordination to the decisions of concentrated, unaccountable, private power. That’s what it means. The institutions of governance — or other kinds of association that could allow people to participate in decision making — those are systematically weakened. Margaret Thatcher said it rather nicely in her aphorism about ‘there is no society, only individuals.’”

The educational system has played an important role in the program of the long-term pacification of the population. According to the philosopher, the program was aimed at neutralizing the next generation after the youth rallies of the ‘60s, “young people shall once again become passive and obedient.”

He summarized, that people, having no credible information and with no ability to unify, cannot keep the elite from going to war. The elite in its aim of domination, and not being deterred by its passive society, can destroy the world in a nuclear war.

In his comments on the anti-elitist and anti-globalist protests of recent years, Chomsky noted, “it’s very clear, and it was predictable. You didn’t know exactly when, but when you impose socioeconomic policies that lead to stagnation or decline for the majority of the population, undermine democracy, remove decision-making out of popular hands, you’re going to get anger, discontent… take all kinds of forms. And that’s the phenomenon that’s misleadingly called ‘populism’.”

Since the 2000s, many Western countries have seen the rise of anti-globalist right-wing as well as left-wing political forces. The turning point of the process was the referendum of June 2016 in the United Kingdom to leave the EU, which is called “Brexit”, and the US presidential election, where the anti-establishment Republican candidate Donald Trump won, relying on direct dialogue with the people. Since the election, relations between the president and the majority of the US elites have been those of an ongoing acute conflict.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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