Kurginyan: It is necessary to stop the invasion of the family. A child has become a commodity

31.05.2017, Russia.

On May 30 during the “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov“ talk show on the Russian Channel One Sergey Kurginyan, the leader of the Essence of Time movement and a political scientist, said that it is necessary to stop converting children into a commodity for the market. He also said that it is equally important to stop involving children in political activities and street actions.

Responding to the talk show host’s question about key priorities in family policy, Kurginyan said that the legislation must be changed, since the invasion of the family is already happening know. The scientist stressed that children have become a commodity, and everyone understands this. So-called foster substitute families have been created and, God knows, what else. However, a natural, traditional family, especially if it is indigent and poor, is not protected.

Kurginyan demanded to stop the implementation of a system of forced foster care in Russia, which converts children into commodities. He called for families to be left alone and not to use children as factor of this market (child market – Rossa Primavera News Agency).

Kurginyan also stressed the need to remove children from street rallies. He said that as soon as any attempts are made to use children in political games <…>, “we must politely but unhesitatingly remove children from the streets, from this political mess. In fact,” Kurginyan added, “such a mess can be quite diverse. God forbid, if tomorrow these children will come out under political slogans!.. And someone starts shooting at them from the window, and then it will be possible to charge anyone. We know such cases in Romania and other countries. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to change the legislation to protect the family. On the other hand, to prevent a situation where child protection is misused to cover political offenders. That is all.”

On 29 and 30 May, protests against the adoption of the new “Decade of Childhood in Russia for 2018-2027” have been held across the country. This strategic document was developed without any prior public discussions.

The protests were also caused by the actions of Anna Kuznetsova, the Children’s Ombudswoman for the President of the Russian Federation. Kuznetsova developed a report, said to be unreliable, about the activities under the forced foster care system in Russia. She presented the report to President Vladimir Putin. According to Elena Mizulina, a member of the Federation Council, the numbers which Kuznetsova presented in this report were off by a factor of 100.

Earlier, representatives of a number of parental organizations, including the All-Russian Parent’s Resistance organization, withdrew from the Public Council under the Children’s Ombudsman due to the increasing pro-forced foster care focus in the work of the children’s ombudsman.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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