Kurginyan: It is necessary to stop the invasion of the family. A child has become a commodity

Kurginyan demanded to stop the implementation of a system of forced foster care in Russia, which converts children into commodities. He called for families to be left alone and not to use children as factor of this market (child market – Rossa Primavera News Agency).

Kurginyan also stressed the need to remove children from street rallies. He said that as soon as any attempts are made to use children in political games <...>, “we must politely but unhesitatingly remove children from the streets, from this political mess. In fact,” Kurginyan added, “such a mess can be quite diverse. God forbid, if tomorrow these children will come out under political slogans!.. And someone starts shooting at them from the window, and then it will be possible to charge anyone. We know such cases in Romania and other countries. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to change the legislation to protect the family. On the other hand, to prevent a situation where child protection is misused to cover political offenders. That is all.”

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Azov battalion commander: We will storm all Regional Councils in Ukraine

According to Biletsky, the purpose of assaulting the Regional Councils is to secure amnesty for participants of the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation, the Kiev junta’s name for the punitive operation in Donbass ― Editor). “We want to create pressure and show that these ideas are supported by every region. We will come to more Regional Councils; we will continue doing so, and we hope for understanding,” he said.

After the nationalists find support for the amnesty from at least 20 Regional Councils they are going to come to the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

On July 7, 2016, the Verkhovna Rada passed a bill on the amnesty in 2016 for “those who defended the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine taking part in the ATO” and did not commit any serious crimes. Biletsky, however, demands amnesty for absolutely all ATO participants, including those who have been convicted or are under investigation in Ukraine. This means decriminalization for all those who committed any crimes either in the area of the military conflict in Donbass or elsewhere.

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The US will continue to support the "Southern Gas Corridor" project

“I really appreciate our partnership with Azerbaijan and I expect it to develop further. The US remains committed to the implementation of the “Southern Gas Corridor” project. I really appreciate the significant efforts of Azerbaijan in maintaining energy security. I am ready for cooperation with you,” said Trump.

SGC intends to supply gas to Europe via Georgia and Turkey. This is taking place against the backdrop of substantial progress in the implementation of the “Nord Stream-2” project, a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

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Egyptian military conduct airstrikes against Islamist militants in Libya

“The airstrikes are joint ones between the Libyan National Army and Egyptian army”, said the spokesman Libyan National Army spokesman.

The Defense Ministry of Egypt refused comments. Libyan operational commander Brigadier Abdulsalam Al-Hasi told that the strikes were made against two Libyan groups are connected with al-Qaeda (organization banned in Russia).

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that the airstrikes hit terrorist bases in Libya “to get rid of them and to limit their ability to threaten Egypt’s national security.”

On May 26, Egyptian warplanes began to attack terrorist positions in response to their attack on a bus with Christians in Egypt. ISIL (organization banned in Russia) took responsibility for this act of terrorism.

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DPR: Build-up of Ukrainian army’s armored vehicles noted on Gorlovka direction

On the northern direction, the village of Zaytsevo and the southwestern outskirts of Gorlovka came under the Ukrainian army’s shelling. Ukrainian reconnaissance drones were active.

On the Donetsk direction, the Ukrainian army opened fire on the area of the “Yasinovataya” checkpoint, Yasinovataya, the villages of Yakovlevka and Spartak, the area of the former Donetsk airport, the Kievsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk with 120 and 82mm mortars, grenade launchers, small arms. In the north of Donetsk, the Ukrainian reconnaissance drones were noted.

The Ukrainian military shelled Elenovka and Dokuchaevsk with mortars. 5 houses and a power station were damaged.

On the Mariupol direction, the villages of Kominternovo and Sakhanka came under the Ukrainian military’s shelling.

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