Japan asks China to deter North Korea

01.06.2017, Japan.

Japan’s Prime-Minister Shinzō Abe  told  China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi, on May 31 that he wishes to have negotiations with China to stop North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs,   Reuters reports.

“To resolve this problem peacefully, we would like to work with China, which has strong influence (over North Korea),” said Abe in the beginning of the meeting with the Chinese diplomat. In return, Yang Jiechi replied that he hopes for a constructive participation of all countries in solving this problem.

During last the most recent Group of Seven summit that was taking place on the 26-27 of May in Sicily, a statement was released that condemns North Korea’s nuclear program. On May 30 Pyongyang refused to accept the G7 countries’  statement, accusing them of creating tension in the region.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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