Kurginyan: Ukraine's degradation resembles radioactive decay

22.05.2017, Russia.

Hostility and denial of well-known facts facilitate the self-destruction of Ukraine, said “Essence of Time” movement leader Sergey Kurginyan, during “Time will tell” talk show on Russian Channel One.

The Ukrainian people are being given nothing but hatred; they are not being offered a Ukrainian national idea, or a Ukrainian identity, and hatred in and of itself is very destructive, says Sergey Kurginyan.

This is why it was necessary to enlighten and to add a higher meaning to the hatred necessary for things like hand-to-hand combat during the Great Patriotic War, through works art and talking about fighting evil.


“Let noble anger of the soul

Boil over like a wave.

The people’s war, the holy war.

We’ll fight until the grave.”1,


he quoted a well-known song from the period of the Great Patriotic War.

“…But here (in Ukraine – editor) everything stops at simple hatred.” pointed the political scientist. “One must then feed everyone with it. However, one cannot satiate  Ukraine’s radicals with hatred, because they are like crocodiles: they always want more. This means hate will continue to grow”. “Hate makes life simpler. A person, whose life is based on hatred, becomes simpler himself. But when he becomes simple, he cannot manage a complicated system such as nation-state.”

In Ukraine, they are trying to buy stability through self-destruction, Kurginyan added, and this process strongly resembles radioactive decay.

Sergey Kurginyan also noted, that laws passed in Ukraine contradict obvious facts.

“See, you cannot live in defiance of reality. When we demonstrate the facts, you retreat to speculations. Respond to the facts first”, he demanded.

Since the coup d’etat of December 2013 – February 2014, the main force behind the Maidan was the right-wing nationalist Right Sector organization (organization banned in Russia – Editor), which promoted an anti-Russian, hate-based agenda.

The popular Maidan slogan “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!” represents a local copy of the Nazi “Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!” greeting, adopted from German Nazis by their Ukrainian admirers: the Bandera Nazis from the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (organization banned in Russia) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (organization banned in Russia).

The right-wing paramilitary units from Right Sector (organization banned in Russia) have been directly engaging atrocities against the civilian population of Donbass from the very beginning of the Civil war.

1 The lyrics have been translated by Olga Yurchenko. More of her works and some other Soviet songs in English can be found at the site belonging to her and her brother: http://soviet-karaoke.su/ – Editor.

* The original of the picture is by newgirl.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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