Venezuela: United States hides financing militants behind fundraising in social networks

17.05.2017, Venezuela.

The true purpose of the crowdfunding campaigns, started by emigrants from Venezuela in the United States, may be to hide the external sources of financial support for street militants in Venezuela, teleSUR* reported on May 15.

In fourth-generation wars, like the one presently unfolding in Venezuela, crowdfunding is used to finance militants. In the modern world, crowdfunding as a form of fundraising campaigns through the Internet has become very popular, and these campaigns are allegedly for purely humanitarian purposes.  William Serafino, a journalist from the Misión Verdad channel, reports that crowdfunding is an effective way to conceal the US support of opposition protest actions in Venezuela, which may be used to overthrow an unwanted government.

The expert also added that such campaigns always proclaim humanitarian goals; but in reality, they are used to veil the real financiers. Being irregular and intransparent, crowdfunding can be used as a tool for money laundering. In the United State Senate, a new bill is being moved forward to allocate a first tranche of $ 10 million, and then another $ 9 million to support the Venezuelan opposition. This will have serious political consequences. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, it is most likely that the US is planning to intervene in Venezuela.

Another example of so-called “humanitarian” campaigns, which finance non-humanitarian goals is the “Helmets vs. bombs” (Spanish: Cascos contra Bombas) project. This project is promoted by Nelly Guinand, an emigrant from Venezuela in the United States, who is currently working as a fashion designer. Nelly Guinand is also a sister of Gaby Espino, an active opposition member and a famous Venezuelan actress, who raises funds allegedly to purchase and dispatch helmets and shields to protect street protesters against “repressions from the Venezuelan government”. This project has already received about 22 thousand US dollars, which have been transferred to Venezuela through PayPal and Amazon. Given the difference in currency exchange on the black market in Venezuela, this amount will be increased thousands of times.

According to Enrique Gavasut, an international expert, the world is already beginning to understand the truth of what is happening. Gavasut also says that under international anti-terrorism laws it would be possible to hold the State Department or other US government agencies accountable for funding such campaigns. But the US is trying to divert attention in order to mask the source sponsor money for terrorism as a spontaneous transfer of funds from empathizing people around the world. Thus the US hides its responsibility for financing terrorism.

“Fourth-generation wars”, or “asymmetrical wars”, are a new way to implement a confrontation strategy in the global world. In such a conflict, the main focus lies not on the confrontation between two powers, but on political, social and moral destabilization. First of all, this is aimed to undermine the legitimacy of the state, as a key system-forming structure, which has matured over past historical eras (through industrial and post-industrial phases). According to Latin American experts, the US has already successfully tested this method of “asymmetrical wars” in organizing and supporting coup d’états in Iraq and in Libya in the past, and recently in Ukraine. Such an “approach” always results in the overthrow of the legitimate government and the beginning of brutal civil wars.

teleSUR*: La Nueva Televisora del Sur – The New Television Station of the South – is a multi-state funded, pan–Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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