Ukrainian army redeployed heavy artillery to the contact line in DPR

15.04.2017, DPR.

The Ukrainian military continues to shell the towns and villages of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in violation of the ceasefire. The redeployment of Ukrainian army’s heavy artillery was noted along all directions, a source in the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia (DPR PM) informed a Rossa Primavera News Agency reporter on April 15th.

15.04.2017, DPR.

The Ukrainian army shelled the village of Trudovskiye in the Petrovsky district of the DPR capital.

On the Donetsk direction, DPR PM intelligence noted the redeployment of 2 tank platoons, 4 trucks with 120mm mortars being installed on, as well as 2 companies of personnel of radical nationalist groups in the area of Novomikhaylovka. 2 battalions of 120mm D-30 towed howitzers were noted in the area of Krasnogorovka.

On the Gorlovka direction, up to a battery of 122mm “Gvozdika” self-propelled guns, up to a battery of 152mm “Giatsint-B” guns, and up to a battery of BM-21 “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems were noted in the area of Konstantinovka.

On the Mariupol direction, up to a battery of 122mm “Gvozdika” self-propelled guns and up to a battery of 152mm “Giatsint-B” guns were reported in the area of Novotroitskoye.

According to recent information, on April 14th, the Ukrainian army violated ceasefire 49 times. The Ukrainian military opened fire on 19 towns and villages of DPR with artillery, tanks, mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft guns, grenade launchers, and small arms.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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