Children in Makeevka received humanitarian aid from children in Russia

27.03.2017, DPR.

The students of 3 schools in Makeevka received humanitarian aid from the schoolchildren in Vologda, Chelyabinsk, and Vladivostok, a Rossa Primavera reporter informed on March 27th.

Humanitarian aid collected as a part of “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” campaign by All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization was delivered to the education facilities in Donetsk People’s Republic.

The children of Makeevka school No 53 received new office supplies, hygiene supplies, and detergents, as well as toys. This aid was collected by the students of the school No 153 in Chelyabinsk and delivered by the members of the Essence of Time movement.

“The most important is that we feel the support from Russia. These boxes, which we would open trembling with joy, came in Donetsk People’s Republic from far-away Chelyabinsk. These boxes brought us your emotional warmth. We are very grateful to you!” the Russian language and literature teacher Galina Viktorovna Tarasova said.

The students of school No 9 in Vologda collected the exercise books, pens, pencils, pen cases, paper, soap, toothpaste, chalks, and other things, required in the educational process, for the school No 49.

In the village of Khandjonkovo, the students of the school No 73, wearing the Young Pioneers scarfs and having bannerettes in their hands, met humanitarian aid crying out, “Thanks, Vladivostok!”. The children from school No 9 in Vladivostok sent books, toys, office supplies, sanitary supplies and washing means to Donbass.

In 2014, All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization started “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” campaign. Over 300 schools and education facilities in Russia collected and sent over 46 tons of humanitarian aid for Donbass.

Sources: Rossa Primavera News Agency, “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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