The shelling of DPR territory resumed after a short break

The situation along the front line was calm during the first part of the day because of the weaponry withdrawal scheduled for today. However, the intensity of the shelling again increased in the evening, a source in the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia (DPR PM) informed a Rossa Primavera News Agency reporter on February 20th.

20.02.2017, DPR.

Around midnight of February 19th to the 20th, the Ukrainian army significantly decreased the intensity of the shelling of the Donetsk People’s Republic territories. The ceasefire was established because of the withdrawal of the heavy weaponry, banned by Minsk Agreements, from the contact line, scheduled for today. DPR PM units were ready to withdraw their weaponry, but the withdrawal did not take place because of the Ukrainian side’s unreadiness. The talks still continue, and it is possible that the withdrawal will take place tomorrow, on February 21st. In the evening, Ukrainian military intensified the shelling on several parts of the front.

On the Gorlovka direction, the Ukrainian army has opened fire on the front-line territory of the city from the towns of Svetlodarsk and Dzerzhinks. The Ukrainian army’s artillery is shelling the northern and western suburbs of Gorlovka, as well as the villages of Zaytsevo, Golmovsky, Shirokaya Balka, Ozeryanovka, and Krasny Partizan. The Ukrainian side is conducting aerial recon with drones.

The shootouts erupt in the area of Avdeevka industrial zone throughout the evening. Ukrainian military is provoking the DPR PM servicemen to open a return fire.

DPR PM intelligence registered the Ukrainian army’s weaponry, banned by Minsk agreements, along the contact line. Up to a battery of 122mm “Gvozdika” self-propelled artillery vehicles were uncovered near the village of Tonenkoye not far from Avdeevka. In Avdeevka, DPR PM intelligence registered up to a platoon of tanks and up to a battery of “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems, deployed near the multiple story buildings. Another battery of 122mm “Gvozdika” self-propelled artillery vehicles and a battery of 120mm mortars were registered in the area of Bogdanovka not far from Dzerhinsk.

According to updated information, during the past day, February 19th, the Ukrainian army shelled the front-line territory of DPR 822 times. Ukrainian military fired 30 152mm and 122mm artillery shells, 16 tank shells, 205 120 and 82mm mortar rounds. Infantry fighting vehicles were used 147 times. Anti-aircraft guns, grenade launchers, and small arms were utilized 484 times.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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