Kurginyan: Kiev wants to keep Donbass territory but without the local residents


Current authorities in Kiev want to keep Donbass territory but without the local residents as a part of Ukraine; Essence of Time movement leader Sergey Kurginyan stated during the show “First Studio” on Russian Channel One on February 17th.

Arguing with the supporters of the official Kiev, Sergey Kurginyan asked them a question, “Do you want Donbass to be with you [Ukraine]? Why are you bombing with Su-25 attack aircraft there [in Donbass]? One normally would not do this. If you want them to be with you then give [people of Donbass] the maximum amount of the rights. If you do not want this, then you should to separate [Donbass] from yourselves.”

“I see what they want, they want a territory without the people,” Sergey Kurginyan answered a question of the talk show host what is the point of the Ukrainian authorities’ actions in Donbass.

Commenting on the remarks of an opponent, who called the people of Donbass “slaves” and the workers of one of the Melitopol plants, who are demanding the restoration of the economic relations with Russia, an “amorphous mass”; Sergey Kurginyan stressed that these remarks are the part of “the theory of conscientious and non-conscientious Ukrainians”, “This is the heart of Bandera-ism [the ideology of Ukrainian nation supremacy over other nations – Editor], and the whole Ukraine should know that it is not just a question of Russian people and those being russified, it is about conscientious [Ukrainians]. Conscientious [Ukrainians] are those, who adhere the right ideology, and the non-conscientious [Ukrainians] are slime.”

Recall that since the very beginning of the so-called anti-terrorist operation and up to now, despite the signing of the international agreement, the Ukrainian authorities have been attacking of the towns of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics with artillery and rockets. In 2014, Kiev used fighter aircraft with banned unguided rockets against peaceful citizens in the towns of Donbass.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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