French scientist to use the photos of Pervomaysk destroyed by UAF in his lectures

10.02.17, LPR.

French international political scientist François Grumel-Jacquignon, who arrived in Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) to familiarize himself with the situation, is planning to use photos of the destruction in Pervomaysk in his lectures in Europe, the LPR Federation of Trade Unions (LPR FTU) informed.

As LPR FTU reported, during his visit to the town of Pervomaysk, “François Grumel-Jacquignon was dumbfounded by the picture of apartment buildings and infrastructure damaged by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), he also had an opportunity to talk to local residents and to meet with the Head of Pervomaysk administration Sergey Afanasyev.”

“What I saw and what astonished me most of all in Pervomaysk is the large scale of destruction and large-scale reconstruction work, which is being conducted in the town. The people here have stayed loyal to their town despite shelling! I took many photos of the destruction, which I am going to use in my lectures during conferences on the real situation in Donbass,” the scientist noted.

The political scientist stressed the importance of cessation of violence in Donbass, and he endorsed the appeal of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics People’s Council spokesmen Denis Pushilin and Vladimir Deynego urging the Russian, U.S., and German leaders to force the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to cease criminal actions against the people of Donbass, in particular, to cease shelling the territories of the Republics.

“On his return to his country, François Grumel-Jacquignon is also ready to organize a collection of signatures among like-minded people and those, who support the struggle of the people of Donbass for self-determination. This is all the more important since the decision to establish the Republic was adopted by Referendum, which is an indication of democracy and popular sovereignty,” LPR FTU informed.

“Unfortunately, truthful information on the real situation in Donbass is very scarce in France. All of the mass media present only the official account of the events, which is mainly based on statements from the OSCE mission; and, sadly, these do not always reflect reality. Only having made a visit here in person, can one realize that the Western mass media covers far from everything truthfully. Unfortunately, few people hear the voice of Donbass. It is a pity! The unbroken spirit and firmness of the people of Donbass are worthy of respect,” the French scientist stated.

He assured that he will share the point of view of the people of Donbass and their will to live in a free country with his allies and listeners in France. Immediately after his return to the department of Ain, the political scientist will hold his first conferences in Chambéry, the main city of the department of Savoie, as well as in Wien, Geneva, and Lyon.

“Furthermore, François Grumel-Jacquignon promised to visit Lugansk again shortly, and he hopes to continue his acquaintance with Donbass and its freedom-loving people,” LPR FTU added.

Photo © LuganskInformCenter

Source: Lugansk Information Center

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