Donetsk paid its last respect to the colonel Mikhail Tolstykh (photos)

10.02.17, DPR.

Tens of thousands of Donetsk residents came to Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre to pay their last tribute to their defender, the Hero of Donetsk People’s Republic murdered as a result of enemy’s despicable sabotage. This tragedy was a bitter blow for the people but did not break their spirit. There was a strong sense of unity and consolidation of the people in the face of Nazi scum, which overstepped all the conceivable marks.

Mikhail Tolstykh was the outstanding commander, the patriot of his Motherland, sincere man, the man worthy of that name.

Eternal glory to the Hero! We, who are staying in this world, have a duty to the fallen soldiers. We shall not dishonor their memory!

Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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