International terrorism is an ally of the global state – Essence of Time movement leader

23.12.2016, Russia.

International terrorism is an ally of the global state in the war to destroy nation states, claimed political scientist, leader of Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on air of Russian Channel One on December 22, commenting the assassination of Russian ambassador in Turkey.

The political scientist think that the murder of Russian ambassador to Turkey is a part of the war to destroy sovereign nation states, the war which the global states leads in a close alliance with international terrorism.

“There is no war on international terror, and no allies in this war — there is the becoming global state that wants to destroy nation states, and there are these nation states (they are everywhere: in Germany, in America — anywhere), which do not want this globalized world. Terrorism is an ally of this globalized world, it is the means to destroy the world of nation states,” Sergey Kurginyan said.

“This is why we, of course, can — and must — declare an alliance around the world, but we must declare an alliance to the forces of all nation states: China, India, all forces in the West — everywhere. Meanwhile, the global state will be destroying this, it doesn’t need nation states at all… In this sense it will always be working together with radical Islamism and international terrorism, at the same time being horrified by its horrors,” Kurginyan emphasized.

On December 19 Andrey Karlov, Russian ambassador to Turkey, was murdered in Ankara while speaking at a photo exhibition.


Source: Rossa Primavera

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