Russian field hospital in Aleppo shelled by militants, doctor and nurse killed, multiple people injured

05.12.2016, Aleppo.

Militants have shelled a Russian field hospital in Aleppo. The admissions ward was directly hit by a shell. The medics came here from Khmeimim airbase just a couple of days ago. Two of them have been killed, their colleagues are currently fighting for the life of the third one. Local peaceful residents were also injured, as well as an RT journalist – he got injured during the repeat shelling, Russia24 channel reports.

Russian nurse died on the spot. The two doctors were injured and evacuated to the Aleppo University hospital in critical condition. The other nurse died in the hospital, the military doctor is being treated by the medics.

Later militants in Aleppo opened fire once again, eleven shells exploded near the medical settlement.

It is already clear that the radicals belonging to the groups considered to be “moderate” oppositions by the West are responsible for the shelling. This is confirmed by the data of Syrian artillery recon units. The shelling started exactly at that moment when first patients arrived to the hospital.

“We understand who gave the militants the data and exact coordinates of the admissions ward of the Russian hospital at the moment when it started working. The blood of our servicemen is on the hands of those who ordered this murder, those who gave birth, nurtured and armed these beasts in human disguise, named them opposition to absolve their conscience. Yes, yes, it is on you – gentlemen – patrons of terrorists,” official representative of Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov emphasized.

The Russian hospital set in Aleppo is capable of serving 1,500 patients per day. It includes a surgery module, X-ray room, specialists on mine and explosive injuries arrived. The personnel of the field hospital and the equipment of the medical settlement will significantly improve the humanitarian situation in Aleppo. The residents of eastern districts of the city had no access to qualified medical aid for many years. The militants didn’t let the people out from the districts, blocked the approached to humanitarian corridors.

“We undertake measures for setting the hospital, it will work at full capacity, providing aid to local residents,” says the head of Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria Vladimir Savchenko.

Russian citizens weren’t the only ones killed in Aleppo today. Militants killed another eight residents of the city, another 25 were injured as a result of shelling of residential districts by terrorists.

As the offensive operation of the government forces continues, militants get desperate.



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