Oliver Stone's new documentary "Ukraine on Fire" about Maidan attracts viewers from Ukraine

22.11.2016, Russia.

Around 4,500 people watched Oliver Stone’s documentary “Ukraine on Fire” online. The documentary premiered on evening of November 21st, Rossa Primavera News Agency informed on November 22nd, citing the statement on the web-site of Russian TV channel “REN TV” broadcasting the film.

The channel stressed that the website visitors with Ukrainian IP addresses were the largest part of the audience.

Two days before the documentary premiere, a petition calling to ban the broadcasting of the film appeared on the Internet. The authors of the petition claimed that the documentary “can provoke unrests in Ukraine.” The opponents of the documentary screening also urged to, no less, send TV channel REN TV into oblivion by banning its broadcasting on the territory of Ukraine.

It is not a secret that some providers (especially in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (the term used to refer to Crimea during the times of its being a part of Ukraine – Editor), Donetsk and Lugansk regions) are continuing to rebroadcast the Russian channels despite the ban on their broadcasting in Ukraine. Moreover, the official web-site and program recordings of the TV channel REN TV, which is going to screen this TV rubbish, are available for any Ukrainian on the Internet,” as stated in the petition.

The TV channel REN TV, in turn, cited this passage and commented on it:

It seems that this passage became the best advertisement for Oliver Stone’s documentary. The users openly wrote this below the call to ban the film and thanked its authors for the superb film promotion.”

The documentary directed by three Oscars-winner Oliver Stone was premiered on the web-site of the TV channel on November 21st at 5 PM; the second screening took place at 9 PM after the evening news. The full version of the documentary was made public on the Internet on the same evening.

The documentary “Ukraine on Fire” tells about the events on Maidan in Kiev from the end of 2013 till the beginning of 2014.

American film director tried to understand what had actually happened in Ukraine during those days when the “revolution” wave swept across the country, who released an order to kill the then-President Viktor Yanukovich, and how did it happen that Russia became an enemy No. 1 for Ukraine.

Oliver Stone’s documentary also contains an interview with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in particular, saying that it has been the objective of the West to create havoc in Ukraine.


Source: Rossa Primavera

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