President of Russia ordered to once again help Ukrainian town

12.11.2016, Russia.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered on November 12 to help Ukrainian town Genichesk (Kherson region) with the supply of gas, reports citing TASS news agency.

Head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov informed Vladimir Putin that residents of Genichesk district of Ukraine ask for help. “The situation there is close to a humanitarian disaster, last year’s situation, when people were left without heating, is escalating,” he informed.

Руководитель региона при этом отметил, что с прошлого года образовалась задолженность в 18 миллионов рублей, которая до сих пор не погашена. «Но поскольку ситуация там критическая, просим вашего разрешения обеспечить такие поставки», — обратился он к президенту.

Aksenov at the same time noted that the region has 18 million of rubles of debt to Russia for gas, which is still not paid. “But since the situation there is critical, we ask for your permission to provide such supplies,” he asked the President.

“We need to help. Do all the same,” Vladimir Putin replied. The head of state at the same time emphasized that financial discipline must be established in the relations with the neighbors.

It was reported in January this year that mayor of Genichesk asked Russia to help with gas supplies due to severe cold and decrease of pressure in the municipal pipeline. The gas supplies to residents started in two days.



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