German movie banned in Ukraine for portraying Russian FSB officers positively

12.11.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian State Film Agency (Goskino) banned German movie Tschiller: Off Duty, Ukrainian “Vesti” broadcasting radio company reports.

According to its information, the decision to ban the movie distributed by American Warner Bros. company was made on November 11.

Deputy Head of Goskino Sergei Neretin told to the broadcasting radio company that in the movie the protagonist’s daughter gets kidnapped. Her kidney gets transplanted and she gets “for some reason sent to Moscow”. “He look for her, finds himself in Moscow, and, in the end, ‘a heroic FSB major’ saves the day,” the expert added.

FSB is an acronym for Federal Security Service.

“The law clearly states that we must ban it, no matter whose product it is. If it portrays a Russian law enforcement officer positively, we must ban it,” Neretin explained. He added that the movie was filmed in Germany, Turkey and Russia.

Til Schweiger is starring in Tschiller: Off Duty.

After the Nazi coup in Kiev in February 2014 Ukrainian government undertook numerous measures to ban Russian movies and TV series from Ukraine. In particular, all Russian movies produced or first aired after January 1, 2014m are banned in Ukraine.



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