Dispersing locals with a tank and other crimes of Ukrainian army in occupied territories of Lugansk region

02.11.2016, LPR.

Kiev’s military fired blank shells by a tank to disperse the rallying residents of occupied Popasnaya town. The people demanded to stop shelling Lugansk People’s Republic and withdraw Ukrainian military hardware and weaponry from the town, the official representative of LPR People’s Militia Major Andrei Marochko informed on November 1 during his briefing in LuganskInformCenter.

“We continue to receive information regarding the facts of discontent of locals at the presence of Armed Forces of Ukraine in the towns and villages it controls,” he noted.

“This way, residents of Popasnaya, from the area of which tanks of 9th battalion of 59th brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine systematically shelled LPR territories, gathered on a rally. They demanded to immediately stop the shelling and withdraw military hardware and weaponry from the town and its area,” Marochko informed.

“While the rally was being dispersed by police and Ukrainian army units, a Ukrainian tank fired a blank shell in the direction of local residents, small arms were fired above the heads of outraged local residents,” Marochko told.

“Such actions point to the fact that Armed Forces of Ukraine are occupants and use truly fascist methods on territories they control,” the Major emphasized.

Earlier People’s Militia informed on multiple other conflicts between local population of the temporary Nazi-occupied territories of Lugansk region and Kiev’s military.

On October 31 Marochko noted that Right Sector militants beat up three local residents in Trekhizbenka village in response to the protests of local residents demanding to withdraw nationalists from the area of the punitive operation.

On October 25 the representative of LPR People’s Militia informed that Kiev’s military fired at local residents who tried to cross Seversky Donets river in the area of Slavyanoserbsk, one man was wounded. Similar crimes happened before.

Marochko also informed that Kiev’s military demand local residents to pay three hryvnias for each kilogram of luggage they carry through the Ukrainian checkpoint. Residents of Stanitsa Luganskaya keep disappearing after coming to so-called questionings to Kiev’s security services.

In addition to this, colonel Oleg Anashenko of LPR People’s Militia noted that Azov Nazi battalion militants in Kiev-occupied Osinovo village of Novopskovsky district of Lugansk region occupy the homes of local residents and gather “aid for battalion needs” from local farmers under the threat of violence.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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