Parents of first-graders can decide on the language of instruction in schools

02.11.2016, LPR.

Parents of the first-grades decide on what will be the language of instruction for their children in schools, the acting Director of the Scientific and Methodological Center for Education Development (SMCED) of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Oksana Kolesnikova informed Lugansk Information Center during the briefing on November 1st.

She stressed that kids in schools of the Republic are being taught in both Russian and Ukrainian.

The parents as the official representatives of a minor officially apply for the schooling on entering the first grade of school. In the application, the parents specify that the teaching must take place either in Russian or Ukrainian,” Kolesnikova said.

At the moment, 1838 children are studying in classes with Ukrainian being the language of instruction. Of course, the number of such classes has decreased since the beginning of war,” she added.

The acting Director of the Center explained that this decline is caused by the situation developed since 2014 (the ongoing Civil War in the East of Ukraine – Editor) rather than the policy of the Republic. She also stressed that both Russian and Ukrainian are the official languages according to the Temporary Fundamental Law (the Constitution) of the Republic.

The number of classes taught in Ukrainian decreased insignificantly. However, we can see that the teaching is being also conducted in Ukrainian. The education programs were developed by SMCED and approved by the Ministry (of Education and Science of LPR – Lugansk Information Center) for the schools with teaching in Russian and in Ukrainian,” she said.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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