DPR citizens prepare for oppose armed missions by non-violent means

12.10.2016, DPR.

Level of preparation of the activists of volunteer people’s groups, who have practiced the skills of opposing the foreign armed missions in Donetsk on October 11th, has significantly increased during the past 3 months, the Head of Shakhtersk town Administration Aleksei Shvydky informed a Donetsk News Agency reporter.

I came to support the volunteers and express my position on the resistance to the foreign armed missions in Donbass. They have nothing to do here,” the mayor stressed. “Today’s event showed that the preparation is already two levels better than it was in July in Shakhtersk.”

According to Aleksei Shvydky, such progress is caused by the fact that more and more citizens of the Republic view the attempts of Kiev to deploy the armed foreign mission in Donbass under the pretext of ensuring safety and “peacekeeping” as a threat to themselves. Shvydky took part in the training in the capital together with other activists from Shakhtersk town.

I am against the armed mission in our Motherland. If we keep silent, they will occupy us and take our freedom away. All the world community should see that the youth is against the international armed missions,” one of the participants of the event, a student of Shakhtersk Pedagogical College Kristina Osychenko said.

On October 11 over 2000 Donetsk People’s Republic’s citizens practiced the methods of non-violent resistance to the foreign militants in the case of their deployment on the territory of Donbass under the pretext of maintaining safety or peacekeeping. The event took place on Abakumov square in the front-line Kirovsky district of the capital.

The previous practice of such kind was arranged by the volunteers in July of 2016 in Shakhtersk in the east of Donetsk People’s Republic. Just like then, yesterday DPR citizens practiced the methods of blocking the vehicles of armed missions, protection of civilians and unarming the militants. Training on photo and video recording of the violence on the part of the foreign mission against the civilians was arranged.


Source: Donetsk News Agency (2)

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