Breaking: Ukrainian army attempted to breach DPR defense in the south

12.10.2016, DPR.

Information from a source in Donetsk People’s Republic’s Operations Command. Today the enemy attempted to breach the lines of defense of DPR’s People’s Militia on the part of the front between Kominternovo and Leninskoye villages in the south of the Republic. Being covered by dense artillery fire, several groups of 30 men each attempted to flank and capture our positions from different directions. Presumably the backbone of the attackers was comprised of mercenaries from Poland and Georgia. As a result of confident actions of DPR People’s Militia units, the enemy retreated, having lost more than 15 men killed and 25 injured.

Unfortunately, lives of servicemen of the Republic were also lost. Two soldiers were killed, five were injured.

DPR Operations Command demands OSCE Mission leaders to evaluate these actions of Ukrainian commanders, as well as evaluate the crimes of a Ukrainian saboteur group, as a result of which two servicemen of People’s Militia were killed and one was taken prisoner on October 8.

The situation on the Mariupol direction is rapidly getting hot.


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